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Energy Brokers – Leicester


Business electricity represents one of the main overheads for companies today. You could significantly reduce your Electricity prices by using our services to either renew or change supplier. We at Connect 4 are 100% impartial and will never point you in the direction of any supplier in particular.


When sourcing the best Gas contract for your business, many factors need to be taken into account as there are several external issues which affect the Gas unit rate and Standing charges. At Connect 4, we monitor the Energy market on a daily basis enabling us to advise you of the best products.


Recently the Business Water market has been deregulated. Similar to Gas and Electricity. Your local supplier will remain the same and continue to supply your business with clean water and remove the waste water. However, your meter reads, billing and customer service will be handled by a different company.

Providing clarity and accuracy, so you never pay more than you should for your utilities

We are specialists in checking and confirming utility bills: a complex and time-consuming process that most organisations don’t have the time, skills and resources to perform in-house. With billing errors rife, especially in the non-half hourly metered electricity market, we help you to avoid unnecessary costs.

We can undertake bill validations retrospectively or prior to payment – giving you peace of mind you are only paying invoices that have been checked and are correct.


Lighting the way for our customers

Relax and free your time whilst reducing business costs

Through our relationships in the energy sector we can lower the prices your business pays for energy, offer fast turnaround and dedicated support.

If you want to increase your business’s profits, reducing your costs is one of the best ways to do this – saving money on energy and other essential services always makes business sense.

Lower rates are out there, but the time you have to spend to find them will leave you with that much less time to nurture and grow your business.


With no cost or obligation, let us find the best prices for your business it’s quick, easy and cost free to discover how you could benefit. Call us on 0116 308 7780 email us at info@connect4energy.co.uk or complete our simple enquiry form and we’ll get to work on your quotes.